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    Was Cleopatra a medieval queen?

    We have the same design on our modern government buildings in Washington DC.
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    The impossible 1587 Urbano Monte's World Map

    Oh yeah that's totally natural, nothing to see here, move along.
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    Zecharia Sitchin fraud hoaxer Masonic creep

    I don't think Dreamtime considers wikipedia as a beacon of truth. Rather, he is saying it is merely a resource, just like everything else on the internet, and one needs to exercise his own judgement in order to determine what is fact and what is fiction. Of course you can't believe everything...
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    Lictors and Roman Fasces Weapons: Grand Deception

    This website has a list of all the countries with the fasces symbol, although they also offer conventional views on the symbolism of fasces. Still I think it's a good site to get some basic information. Greelandtheory Update: I just checked more of this website, and it seems it is a...
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    Useful Links and Channels

    YЯOTƧIH - Home I also found another site/forum which posts articles based on the alternative history championed by Fomenko et al. It's history written backwards and I think this site was found by an Iranian but there are articles in many languages including English and German.
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    Grand Unified Architectural Style: Antique Africa

    Totally agree. In regards to earthquakes, the really old structures were actually pretty earthquake proof in their design due to polygonal masonry. And the even older stuff was carved (or molded?) from single giant blocks of stone or just straight up bedrock.
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    Grand Unified Architectural Style: Antique Africa

    Omg this culture really was everywhere! Thanks for sharing!
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    Mudfossil University: Titans, Giants, Dragons...

    Thanks I will take a look at this.
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    Single photo: Hurricane Florence from Space

    Didn't know clouds look like whipped cream 😂
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    Where were US flags prior to the Civil War?

    Is he dead, or a wax figure?
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    Where were US flags prior to the Civil War?

    @flameto (TY) In this image of the confederate flag, the flag is clearly painted on. And the paint job is not even good. It's so shabby! You can clearly see the brush strokes. Which makes me wonder what the actual flag looked like in the untouched photo. Also it seems our lovely...
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    Useful Links and Channels

    I would add: Youtube Channels Newearth Life Kreationz vlad9vt Websites - a database of megaliths compiled by Newearth Biblioteca pleyades - collection of articles and books on various topics I had more sources but my old computer crashed and I lost my bookmarks. I will...
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    Saint Petersburg Kazan Cathedral was not built when they say it was...

    It's possible that the paintings were pre-renderings. But then we have to establish whether the artists had communication or contact with the architects, and were able to see floor plans or models or whatnot. Otherwise, it would be strange for artist to paint something that didn't exist yet...
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    Tartary - an Empire hidden in history. It was bigger than Russia once...

    This really breaks my heart. My family originated from Bukhara, so the last stronghold of the Tatars. My father even told me we descended from the Tatars, although I didn't get the whole history from him. This is why I became so interested in the subject of Tartary; it is not only stolen...
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    Tartary - an Empire hidden in history. It was bigger than Russia once...

    I just came across this very good documentary about Tartaria on Youtube. Unfortunately it's in Russian, but just looking a the pictures, it shows many documents proving the existence of Tartary and there is even footage of Putin looking at maps of Tartaria, meaning the elite knows what's up and...