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    Account of giants and a unicorn from Bootan 1800

    Very interesting find @jd755! I know of some ancient stories from Tibet and how the beginning foundations of the monasteries are linked to giant/Nephilim worship. Many sculptures and tombs were hidden in the mountains of the Himalayas where the monks would worship and venerate these giants...
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    The Vaccine Epidemic

    I have spent a couple of years deeply involved with a company who specializes in peak nutrition for pro athletes. Some of the top scientists in the world have worked with the company and I learned quite a bit about immune system and detoxification, I have always suffered from poor health...
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    History's greatest con job: the life of Genghis Khan is a work of fiction largely made up by one man named Baavuday Tsend Gun in 1908.

    Very interesting stuff, I love the investigate approach on Stolen history. One thing I am wondering is what are some of the major theories to this mass rewrite of Tartary history?
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    The Evolution Deception

    Great compilation of quotes and reasoning. From my own research many years back, I came to the same conclusions of how all these lies and deliberate brainwashing took place. We are told of the truth mixed in with 90% lies and deception. -All the transitional fossil finds were fakes or gross...
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    Proving the Creator using the religion of Science

    I would be interested to hear your conclusion for a non eternal hell? I have not invested a ton of time studying the finite or limited hell, but from my brief thoughts, I have always believed in the Eternal framework based off of scripture, inclusing Matthew 25:46. 1549909433 I cannot recall...
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    Flying Serpents & Pterasaurs

    Personally, I didn't really absorb anything of value from the video, but thanks for the response.
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    StolenDemon: changing names after Reset

    The problem with the theory of Lilith giving birth to demons is that there is little and un-credible literature for this and it doesn't line up so well with other theories. Also, the bible and other extra-biblical sources with better textual accuracy, tell us specifically where the demons come...
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    19th Century Pterodactyls and Thunderbirds: photoshop or not?

    I believe some of these are fakes but there must be a real one amongst them. The number of sightings in recent times can't all be fakes.
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    Flying Serpents & Pterasaurs

    If you have read some of the other Dinosaur threads, you will likely have come to the conclusion that Dinosaurs have lived alongside man throughout history and not millions of years ago like mainstream theory suggests. This thread is to expand on some of the additional histories or literature on...
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    StolenDemon: changing names after Reset

    As a Christian, I most definitely attribute her to an evil queen. In fact, her reign resulted in the shedding of innocent blood sacrifices and led to Asherah poles, Obelisks, Molech and Baal worship. These are all associated with Ishtar and Nimrod, although I am guessing the Asherah poles might...
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    Dinosauria: Fact or Fiction?

    I personally believe that we have found numerous dinosaur bones, fossils imprinted into layers of sediment which range from a thousand-a few thousand years. The puluxy river is also known by creationists as a site of many human footprints alongside dino tracks because of the unique conditions...
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    Proving the Creator using the religion of Science

    The above examples, all very interesting although I believe they are good examples of adaptation within a given kind or species. These are micro adaptations(micro-evolution) or variations which take place with the existing sequence of information in the animal or plants genetic makeup. I...
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    StolenDemon: changing names after Reset

    From my study and research, I believe that Semiramis, Ishtar, the Queen of heaven was Nimrods wife. I believe that there are demonic spirits or unclean spirits which take on specific roles or influences such as a seductress of Lilith or Aphrodite. We also see the Jezebel spirit which has...
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    Proof People Believed in Flat Earth in 1900 A.D.?

    I vaguely remember being taught about the Arctic and the Arctic circle in elementary school during the 80s as well
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    Ancient Fossils are Made Up or More Recent?

    I agree, Macro evoution is the stuff of fairy tales, we only see micro evolution or adaptation and variation with any given species or kind. And you are totally right on the deficient mutations, they are always detrimental. I believe the Neanderthals were in fact regular humans like us, but...