Was "The Mud Flood" In 1815? & Mopping Up Tartaria

Was there a Mud Flood in 1815? We examine the evidence ,and find that there are pointers to this particular year of 1815 the Year of the Battle Of Waterloo .Looking at the years previous from the events of 1811-12 as in "The New Madrid event",or the "Year without summer,"and the "unknown volcano" and a Comet or comets all in this narrow window of time between 1810 to 1815.We look at the vanished country of Tartaria the huge county taken out of history.What we have discovered here on FEB is that Tartaria was whipped out by a Western force as is shown in the 1733 Liede Atlas.We then look at underground Paris at the Catacombs for answers for the missing populations in the early eighteen hundreds photographs.Also looking at the excavation for the Paris Metro and ask the question was that tunnels already there ,we look at photographic evidence for answers.
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Mud Flood
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