My Deleted Kentucky Home

The South was right all along. Damn, the war of Northern Aggression was won by the Luciferians and they are going to do us all in like they did the South, the west before that, and the “Colonies” before that.

Kentucky had magnificent gilded-age structures and probably the Native Americans already here inhabited the Antediluvian buildings with even a refined and civilized indigenous society that was lost, left, or eliminated by the technological superiority of brutish invaders. Perhaps this haunting song was one of the last pieces of heritage we have from them. I imagine a people so civilized, intelligent and refined that they spoke in poetry and song. For sure it’s just musing on my part, but the lack of sensible facts in piecing together the past leaves much room for speculation. Wild speculation is how hypotheses are formed, and after testing by scientific method we tend to get a better picture of the truth than the backwards dishonesty of the tall-tales we’ve been taught.

So I’m singing one song of sorrow for what has been lost already, from the arrival of Christopher Columbus 1492 to Paradise California 2018 they’ve gotten away with murder. 500 years of globes, deception, and oppression is enough. I pray that God will deliver the Earth and us, His people, and all who we can save with us (worthy of rescue) from the grasp of the Enemy and his minions. The Devil ruined Paradise on Earth but the Earth was given to us by the Father, so we could have dominion over it.

Do not say the “pledge of allegiance” because we are not “one Nation under God” with murderers.

The Devil’s power has no rival on Earth but we have friends in higher places who are with us under God, together with heaven’s Host have a friend in the Lord of Lords. Thus I pray that the evil plans of the wicked world leaders would be exposed and foiled henceforth and the beginning of justice would commence. I pray that righteous people will prevail and reclaim positions of power to execute justice and end their agendas of depopulation, deception, and harming people through twisting of law, institutions, hierarchical discrimination, and abuse of power.

Now if the Luciferians think they’re bringing the Agenda 21, FEMA Camps, military drones, chemtrailing jets with microwave and laser beams to do Kentucky homes like they did Paradise California, they’re in for a surprise because in this place we’re wise to it, and not afraid to fight back.
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