Sodom and Gomorrah are at the bottom of the Dead Sea

For centuries people knew exactly where Sodom and Gomorrah once stood. The ruins of the Biblical cities were apparently still visible as late as 1650. Only with the approach of the 19th century did we conveniently forget where to look for the famous cities of sin. Their sins we could debate at a later date, but for right now let us point our ever-blind and ignorant archaeologists in the right direction. Before we get into the grid coordinates, let's see what the official version says.


Wikipedia, "There are other stories and historical names which bear a resemblance to the biblical stories of Sodom and Gomorrah. Some possible natural explanations for the events described have been proposed, but no widely accepted or strongly verified sites for the cities have been found. Of the five "cities of the plain", only Bela, modern-day Zoara, is securely identified, and it remained a settlement long after the biblical period." There is a whole bunch of additional worthless information in the wiki article, none of which points to the obvious. It starts to look, and sound like our overzealous archaeologists are working hard at not finding anything on purpose.

We have 5 cities which were allegedly punished by God. According to the Torah, the kingdoms of Sodom and Gomorrah were allied with the cities of Admah, Zeboim, and Bela. These five cities, also known as the "cities of the plain", were situated on the Jordan River plain in the southern region of the land of Canaan.

Divine judgment by God was passed upon Sodom and Gomorrah and two neighboring cities, which were completely consumed by fire and brimstone. Neighboring Bela was the only city to be spared.
  • Sodom - destroyed
  • Gomorrah - destroyed
  • Admah aka Adama - destroyed
  • Zeboim - destroyed
  • Bela - spared
As can be seen, 4 cities were destroyed, and neighboring Bela was spared. Bela was allegedly identified as modern-day Zoara. I think they deliberately placed Bela/Zoara at a wrong location, for Zoara is definitely not a neighboring city to the destroyed Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboim. These 4 are still at large, and some even question their existence in first place.

Sodom and Gomorrah
+ neighboring Admah and Zeboim
The below presented maps cover years 1540 - 1753. Supposedly these 4 cities were destroyed between 2000 BC and 1900 BC (according the Biblical Timeline). I find it tremendously suspicious that the memory of their exact location made it through 3,750 years of history, including the periods below, but then somehow got lost.
  • Bronze Age
  • Iron Age
  • Ancient History
  • Classical Antiquity
  • Post-Classical Antiquity
  • Middle Ages
  • Early Modern Period
Yup, people knew where Sodom and Gomorrah were located all the way untill the late modern period which began approximately in the mid-18th century. The knowledge was mysteriously lost when book printing, map making and the Age of Discovery were in full swing.

KD: I do not believe for a second that there were thousands of years between the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra, and the first of the maps below. If I was to guess the time frame, I'd go with 1,000 AD -1,400 AD on the conventional time scale.

The Maps
We will take a look at a couple of specific map cutouts first. They provide us with some interesting information.

Historical map of Israel, Canaan with the Wanderings of Abraham.
Printed around 1595 in Antwerp
1586-Abrahami Patriarchae Peregrinatio Et Vita_1.jpg

1586-Abrahami Patriarchae Peregrinatio Et Vita.jpg

Abrahami Patriarchae Peregrinatio Et Vita #1
Abrahami Patriarchae Peregrinatio Et Vita #2
Note: on the above Ortelius map with 1586 contents we can see that the Dead Sea does not exist yet. The river Jordan is flowing freely through "plains" which will eventually become the Dead Sea.

Canaan - Jerusalem
1651 - Lake of Sodom_1.jpg


Two maps on one page.
A "modern" 1720 map and an ancient map of the Holy Land.

1720 - Terre Sainte moderne (with) Descriptio acurata Terrae Promissae.jpg
  • here was Sodom, and its remains could be seen until 1650
  • here was Gomorrah
  • This sea, which is surrounded by high mountains, is 25 leagues long, and five broad, filled with black bitumen (asphalt) and tips, and its edges covered with a species of talc or niter.
  • Arabs crossed the Dead Sea on their Camels.

Essentially what we get is the sea with no water. Apparently, it was claimed that the dead Sea was filled with asphalt and Arabs rode their camels to travel across the Dead Sea.

Wiki: These five cities, also known as the "cities of the plain", were situated on the Jordan River plain in the southern region of the land of Canaan.
  • In geography, a plain is a flat, sweeping landmass that generally does not change much in elevation. Plains occur as lowlands along the bottoms of valleys or on the doorsteps of mountains, as coastal plains, and as plateaus or uplands.
KD: It almost appears that the Dead Sea, was already dead (dried up) back when Sodom, Gomorra, Admah and Zeboim were built. I have no clue why it was covered with asphalt, but that sounds geographically "plain".


Holy Land
1655 - Terræ Sanctæ L.jpg


Asphalt Lake | former Salt Lake


This 1655 map has to be viewed on the source site. It is so detailed, that I am unable to do it justice by pasting cut outs here. It gives as a pretty good idea of where these 4 lost cities once stood.

A depiction of Canaan, by Philip Lea
1692 depiction of Canaan, by Philip Lea_1.jpg


Maps: 1540 - 1753
All of the below maps contain the cities which are presumably either lost, or have never existed. There is plenty of additional info within the maps pertaining to the topic of this thread. If you are good with translating things, please contribute.
  • The below 10 maps have a good enough resolution to work with.

Source of all the above maps. The link will take you to the search results. Simply pick a year on the left side of the screen and investigate away.

Sulphur Weapons
"Fire and brimstone is an idiomatic expression of referring to God's wrath in the Hebrew Bible. In the Bible, it often appears in reference to the fate of the unfaithful. Brimstone, an archaic term synonymous with sulfur, evokes the acrid odor of sulphur dioxide given off by lightning strikes. Lightning was understood as divine punishment by many ancient religions; the association of sulphur with God's retribution is common in the Bible." - Wikipedia


"Likewise as it was in the days of Lot - they ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built, but on the day when Lot went out from Sodom fire and sulphur rained from heaven and destroyed them all - so will it be on the day when the Son of man is revealed."


Forbidden Archaeology: Sodom and Gomorrah - Gentlemen in this article think that they found the lost cities. Well, that I'm not so sure of, but they sure did locate millions of balls of sulphur around the Dead Sea. Allegedly this is like 90% pure sulphur which does not exist in this state in nature. This source is not the only one as far as Dead Sea sulphur goes.

KD: I think that our not-so-lost cities are at the bottom of the today's Dead Sea. Its depth is allegedly 1,000 feet, so I'm not sure how that works. If it used to be a regular dried out salt lake which was covered in asphalt at some point, then where did 300 meters of water come from. May be the entire area got flooded to hide this enormous carnage scene. May be it got flooded because they were unable to destroy everything they wanted to destroy.
  • Or may be because these cities were situated in the land of Canaan. Cynocephali people, including Cynocephalus Saint Christopher were Canaanite.
  • Some food for thought: reference to a possible connection there > Canine - Canaan - Canaanite
Saint Christopher_2.jpg

Zoar - Bela
was here

Today's Map
As far as I understand, the asphalt lake did not go below the red line back then. If so, why do historians place Zoara so far south?


Looking on the internet for our contemporary related information, produced the following front page of The Sunday Times newspaper. It is dated with 11/21/1999.


There was also this this webpage located by esgee1. The date of The Sunday Times article is listed as 03/26/2000:
Below you can find the quoted contents of the article, for I do not know how much longer the above link will stay active.
A Bible scholar believes that he has found the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah, the evil cities destroyed by God with fire and brimstone, after leading the first expedition to explore the bottom of the Dead Sea.

Michael Sanders [a long-time CCNet-subscriber] and an international team of researchers discovered what appear to be the salt-encrusted remains of ancient settlements on the seabed after several fraught weeks diving in a mini submarine. Mr. Sanders, a Briton who is now based in the United States, said yesterday that he was "immensely excited" about the find, and he is already planning a follow-up expedition.

He said: "The evidence cannot be ignored. I predicted there must be something extraordinary there and, lo and behold, there was. What we found matches exactly what the remains of an ancient city might look like."

Dr. John Whitaker, a geologist from Leicester University and the former editor of Geology Today, said yesterday that the new development - which will be unveiled in a television documentary tomorrow - appeared "very significant". He said: "There is a good chance that these mounds are covering up brick structures and are one of the lost cities of the plains, possibly even Sodom or Gomorrah, though I would have to examine the evidence. These Bible stories were handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation before they were written down, and there seems to be a great deal in this one."

God's destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah to punish the sexual immorality of their inhabitants is one of the most graphic episodes in the Old Testament. Genesis says that "the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire out of heaven. And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground".

Many archaeologists and scholars have concluded that the story was symbolic, a warning to erring humans of the divine punishment they faced for wickedness. But there has been speculation for centuries that the cities existed in the region of the Dead Sea. A growing number of experts, including Mr Sanders, are now convinced that "the cities of the plain" were destroyed by an earthquake, which threw up flaming pitch, about 5,000 years ago.

Since the 1960s, archaeologists have discovered mass graves on a peninsula jutting into the Dead Sea which contain human bones dating from the Old Testament period. And sulphur, or brimstone, have been found in nearby cliffs, adding to the mystery.

More recently, Mr. Sanders unearthed a map dating from 1650 which reinforced to his belief that the sites of the two cities could be under the north basin, rather than on the southern edge of the Dead Sea. He recruited Richard Slater, an American geologist and expert in deep sea diving, to take him to the depths of the Dead Sea in the two-man Delta mini-submarine that was involved in the discovery of the sunken liner, the Lusitani.

Also part of the expedition, which took place in November, was Zvi Ben-Avraham, the director of the Dead Sea Research Centre, who has studied the region for decades. Their explorations in November, which were filmed for a Channel 4 documentary to be broadcast at 8pm tomorrow night, were fraught with difficulties. The 10ft submarine, which was
flown in from California, had to be weighted down with lead to counteract the buoyancy of the salty water. Because of constraints of time and money, only four dives were undertaken.

To complicate matters further, the Dead Sea is a military zone with the border between Israel and Jordan running down the middle of it. Attempts by researchers to explore the most important site nearly sparked an international incident because it was partly in Jordanian waters, and military authorities ordered the submarine out.

Mr. Sanders is in little doubt that the salt-covered mounds, found over an area 800 yards square, are man-made structures. He said: "I have spoken to geologists and nobody has come up with the suggestion that they are natural phenomena. We don't know what else they could be if they are not ruins. But we need more conclusive evidence by chipping off the salt. That's why we need to go back."
In October of 2018 I contacted Michael Sanders to follow up on the fate of the expedition. He replied that they did not have the resources to take another submarine down. He also stated that he was too old to follow up. Mr. Sanders mentioned a graduate student who was a part of the project at the time. Supposedly, that student wrote a PhD thesis including the expedition. There was no student name provided, so if you run into the mentioned PhD thesis, please share the goods.

Mr. Sanders also stated that they did a documentary for NBC and channel 4 in the UK. I am not sure if the video below (courtesy of esgee1) is the one. Unfortunately no other "bottom of the Dead Sea" related videos could be found.

Evidence Destruction?

I want to finish this article by mentioning a highly suspicious (in my opinion) experiment. Judge for yourself whether the timing of these "scientific" underwater explosions was a mere coincidence, or the PTB was destroying the remnants of Sodom and Gomorrah due to the unwanted research being done.

  • Three large-scale underwater chemical explosions were conducted on November 8-11, 1999 in the Dead Sea. The main objective of the experiment was calibration of seismic stations in the Middle East that provide monitoring of underground nuclear tests, using accurate travel times of seismic waves. The largest shot produced a seismic magnitude of about 4, and was recorded at distances up to 3500 km.

Underwater Dead Sea Explosions Links:




KD summary: I seriously doubt archaeologists want to find these cities, for (per whitewave) Sodom and Gomorrah have been found. Their modern names are listed with a plausible explanation for the fire raining down from the sky.
  • IMHO, the PTB know exactly where Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboim once stood. Whether it's ancient tech they are hiding, or the remains of the hybrid people, but the true Rulers will never allow for them to be discovered.
Considering that the Dead Sea is shrinking and losing water at an alarming rate, whatever is at the bottom will soon get exposed. With Sodom and Gomorrah listed as found, it will be easier to officially explain the submerged structures with some made up BS. But... we know better...
It all hints at a problem that has vexed multiple governments and sparked concerns among researchers, environmentalists and anyone else with an interest in this iconic salt lake, which is woven into the history of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
Yup, multiple governments should definitely be concerned that the Dead Sea is dying, for... what's at the bottom?
The maps sure are revealing - thanks KD!

Well, here I am responding in a rather general way to the provenance of historical claims from biblical passages, let alone whether there is legitimate chronological veracity in the OT ...

Introducing Ze’ev Herzog (Hebrew: זאב הרצוג‎; born 1941), an Israeli archeologist, professor of archaeology at The Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures at Tel Aviv University specializing in social archaeology, ancient architecture and field archaeology.

Ze’ev Herzog has been the director of The Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology since 2005, and serves as archaeological advisor to the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority in the preservation and development of National Parks at Arad and Beer Sheba. Director of the Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University

Herzog took part in the excavations of Tel Hazor and Tel Megiddo with Yigael Yadin and in excavations at Tel Arad and Tel Be'er Sheva with Yohanan Aharoni.

He directed the excavations at Tel Beer Sheba, Tel Michal and Tel Gerisa and in 1997 began a new exploration project at Tel Yafo (ancient Jaffa).

I think the following quote from Herzog is enlightening, at least to me:

"Following 70 years of intensive excavations in the Land of Israel, archaeologists have found out: The patriarchs' acts are legendary, the Israelites did not sojourn in Egypt or make an exodus, they did not conquer the land. Neither is there any mention of the empire of David and Solomon, nor of the source of belief in the God of Israel. These facts have been known for years, but Israel is a stubborn people and nobody wants to hear about it"
He is not alone...
I’d be interested to find out whether there are (or ever have been) any rumors of cynocephali related discoveries circulating in the region.
There are many these days that theorize that the names of places in the Bible are in a different geographical locations, and Satans children spring from the areas we now call Israel. It would make sense if the Kazarians and the Pope worked together to destroy Gods real chosen people, the line of Seth. And we are still seeing the war and extermination program for the “humans” to this day
There are many these days that theorize that the names of places in the Bible are in a different geographical locations, and Satans children spring from the areas we now call Israel. It would make sense if the Kazarians and the Pope worked together to destroy Gods real chosen people, the line of Seth. And we are still seeing the war and extermination program for the “humans” to this day
Even the original paleo Hebrew looks nothing like modern
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I have read the observations by @reverendALC in a recent post on the 'How did the sand get into the Sahara Region?' thread and I was reminded of some obsevations I made a couple years ago and posted on some forum where they were gone totally ignored. The observations themselves will maybe show that I’m gone with my head but I still would like to know what you think. It will be clear why I’m posting them here only at the end…

Starting from the beginning I was watching some video about the expanding earth theory when suddenly it occured to me some strange... let’s say parallelism between two vast geographical areas, the same shown in the image posted by reverend. Here below is the image with the major relevant parallelisms I’ve found.


So the point I’m making is that some kind of major geological event created this double and possibly more. The various colours show the similar features I’ve spotted if my mind is not playing tricks on me or if this is stuff already known by everyone and I am simply a fool:
  • the colour green shows the Caspian Sea and the Taklamakan Desert / Tarim Basin, of which various “experts” say it was a sea at some point;
  • in red it is highlighted the main geographical feature which is the “curvature” of the Himalayas and the one created by the various Iranian mountain ranges on the south Iranian coast and continuing on the ground to the west;
  • in blue it is shown two major rivers / river systems running from north to south and starting roughly from the western tips of both ranges. These are the Indus river Basin and the Jordan / Dead Sea Basin;
  • without a colour but still relevant is the general shape of the muntain ranges covering Iran and Nepal north to the Iranian coastline and Himalaya.

Now I’ll briefly add some considerations regarding the northern and southern parts.

To the north we have two mountain ranges both having a north-south direction with roughly the same “curvature” and both culminating in a body of water having almost the same shape. I’m talking about the Ural mountains above the Caspian Sea culminating in the Gulf of Ob and the muntain ranges north of the Tarim Basin ending at the Lake Baikal.


To the south we have two of the most famous river basins just below the two respective “curved” muntain ranges: the Ganges Basin in India and the Tigris-Euphrates Basin in ‘Mesopotamia’. The second one ends in the Persian Gulf which ideally continues the same path under the sea. Both these watery features have two enormous “pointy” sub-continents to the south: Arabia and India.


I’m wondering if this “duplication” goes on to the west and the east. Here below you can see that some patterns are still there. Maybe someone could join in and see if we’re going somewhere or if it’s just some foolishness on my part.


So why I’m posting all of this here? Because there may be something similar to the strange disappearance of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Dead Sea and the doom of Indian Mohenjo-daro and Harappa. They all stood upon those “lines” connecting those muntain ranges… and what about Atlantis commonly said to be beyond the ‘Pillars of Heracles’? Its position would coincide to yet another “line” running along the western coast of Morocco and the Atlas mountains.


Just to end this post there is still the fact that Herodotus talked about a river called by him “Nile” and parallel to the Ister, commonly identified with the Danube. If that river did exist it surely ran below the European “curvature” shown above, being another parallel of the Mesopotamian and Ganges river basins.

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