Flying Serpents & Pterasaurs: lived alongside man?

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This thread is to expand on some of the additional histories or literature on Winged Serpents or Pterasaur type dinosaurs in the near-distant or ancient past. If you have read some of the other Dinosaur threads, you will likely have come to the conclusion that Dinosaurs have lived alongside man...

Movie: Metropolis (1927), who was it really made by?

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YouTube channel UAP put out an interesting analysis of this movie. I guess it is being suggested that the movie was made using the video footage created by the Civilization of the Builders, Society “X”, Tartary type culture... Then, certain “proof” was created to make it look like it was...

Singapore, Michigan: Fires of 1871 and Sand Dunes.

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After the fires which swept through Chicago, Holland, and Peshtigo in late 1871, Singapore was almost completely deforested supplying the three towns with lumber for rebuilding. Without the protective tree cover, the winds and sands coming off Lake Michigan quickly eroded the town into ruins and...

Pre-1872 Cerbere and Belier: what are these ships?

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I meant to start this thread as soon as I had a chance to observe these two ironclads docked in Cherbourg, France. This photo was allegedly taken in 1882, if we were to believe the backside of the photograph, which could actually be a postcard. It's hard to say if any rivets were used...

Ancient Coins: are they fake?

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Very few ancient Roman coin dies have survived. After many strikings the dies eventually wore out, producing coins with lettering and designs that were less and less crisp, until the coins became unacceptable and the dies were discarded (probably destroyed). However, the Bibliothèque Nationale...

1888: Casa Monica Hotel by Franklin W. Smith

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In May 1887, Henry Flagler - railroad pioneer, hotel magnate and co-founder of Standard Oil - sold a parcel of land in St. Augustine, Florida to Bostonian amateur architect, Franklin W. Smith. On New Year’s Day 1888, Smith opened the historic Casa Monica Hotel. Four months later, Henry Flagler...

1530s Iceland: Reykjahlíð vs. Saxa and Scalholdin. Vanished cities?

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I think Scalholdin, and Saxa, were annihilated by some force which was not supposed to exist around 1539. Yet, we might have enough evidence that such force did exist. If it was a natural force similar to asteroids, there would be no reason to hide it from us. Yet, the reality appears to be...

Star shaped towers: what was their purpose?

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These towers can be found both in cities and in uninhabited regions. They were described for the first time during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Since they are generally located in prosperous villages, it is believed that their primary function was as a demonstration of a family's prestige...

The Vaccine Epidemic

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As a preface, I would like to refrain from anyone becoming triggered or having any preconceived ideas about the topic. I am not telling anyone what to do with their children; just facts that I have had to find out the hard way. Stolen history, or stolen futures? I am writing this with anecdotal...

Meteora Monasteries, Greece and Hermit caves

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When you look at the remaining structures, the monasteries, I don't get the same sense of antiquity as I do with places like Eski Kermen, Cappadocia and Petra, to name just a very few. Meteora looks like a later "event". I've just given up trying to explain or get a handle on just exactly went...

The Flexner Report in 1910 was used to bury the true medical history

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The destruction of the true medical history is one of the biggest practical threats to people living nowadays, with millions of people being killed by the medical establishment. When analyzing history, it becomes obvious that the rewriting in the beginning of the 20th Century has created the...

Eski Kermen: it means Old Fortress in Tatar (Tartar)

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What a place, it's a mind melter! My theory, it's very old and not a carved cave city, it's a massive covered city that was being dug out and into. So anyway I finally put two and two together and found a Tartarian connection I do believe. this place has it all, even cart ruts that all connect...

Fake Antiquity: this is Julius Caesar. Really?

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We normally do not think about simple things like this, but may be we should. This thread is a spin off of the thread titled Questionable antiquity of the "ancient" statues. I will try to keep it short. I think that our civilization has no idea who most of the ancient busts displayed in various...

Geometry: Proof of the Plane.

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I would like to take you through some information on the 6th stem of the liberal arts, geometry. We will look at how it has been applied in our objective world and how it has been twisted by sophisters to support their unrealistic claims. Please understand that I am not professing to know...

1873: Russian Round Armored Ships of Admiral Popov

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The existence of these two round Russian armored ships in 1873 does not appear to be a widely known fact. As we came to find out, information is not really hidden, for it is publicly available for research. Yet, certain things are simply not being disseminated. Personally, I found these round...

Dinosauria: Fact or Fiction?

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I would like to take you through some reference material around Dinosauria as a whole. We have been lead down a one way street with theories and claims to propagate the nihilistic evolutionary narrative. Think of it as the missing link the animal kingdom needed to bridge the gap between man and...

École des Beaux-Arts

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When one starts diving into research on some of the incredible works that have come out of this school, and cross referencing it against the historical inconsistencies pointed out in this forum, it certainly raises some questions. For example, here is a list of comments I have made that have...

Phrygia to Asia: Scythian Gold, UFOs, Giants and Gog and Magog

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I posted this as a response to a great KD post. And it lead me down a very long a confusing rabbit hole that features Giants, Gods, Spaceships, Magic Rings, Invisibility, Scythian gold, and Alexander building a wall around Gog and Magog. I hope my wiki rips and stoned rants count for something...

What if: highly advanced and peaceful 'builder' civilization...

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What if this earth were once covered by a global, highly advanced and peaceful 'builder' civilization under a "common law" of some kind? What if their centers of power were at the north and south poles where they had set up the system to transmit power around the earth using a huge magnetic...

Dragons and Vampires in Scythia: Lessons from a Strange Book

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I will start off by saying that this thread could have just as easily fit in many other categories here at SH, but I think etymology is the most apt. I came across this book while scrolling through the ever so interesting Biblioteca Pleyades website. For those that aren't aware of it, the sheer...

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