Alternate History of the World

What if: highly advanced and peaceful 'builder' civilization...

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What if this earth were once covered by a global, highly advanced and peaceful 'builder' civilization under a "common law" of some kind? What if their centers of power were at the north and south poles where they had set up the system to transmit power around the earth using a huge magnetic...

Dragons and Vampires in Scythia: Lessons from a Strange Book

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I will start off by saying that this thread could have just as easily fit in many other categories here at SH, but I think etymology is the most apt. I came across this book while scrolling through the ever so interesting Biblioteca Pleyades website. For those that aren't aware of it, the sheer...

National Geographic: "Debunking" of Flat Earth, I couldn't help but notice something...

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I want to state that I don't personally believe in the Flat Earth hypothesis. That said, I thought this video was shameful and quite transparent in it's smear campaign to shut the Flat Earthers up. They didn't once actually exhibit one of their arguments. Then, their big proof of the curvature...

A New Chronology for Britain

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Given the influence that Britain has supposedly had on the world over the past 3-400 years (or however long it actually was), I thought it might be interesting to look at alternative possible chronologies, to see if we can get an idea of how this island came to be so influential, and who was...

150 Foot tall "streetlights" Los Angeles 1800s

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I am new to SH and have not posted yet. I have enjoyed this forum and have been reading everything. My first post maybe should be in the introduction area but I ran across this streetlight dilemma and needed to share it. I will do my best at posting photos, descriptions and links. Most posts on...

Cathedrals: Who really built them?

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No longer accepting the modern paradigm leaves one free to consider alternative ideas about who did what, and when. Who built the world's cathedrals? Was the Catholic Church really responsible for them, as we have been told? We are led to believe that these men are building a cathedral. They...

Antoine Priore & The Cure For Cancer

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It's an old trope of our current degraded culture that eternal praise and adulation will await the first scientist to "cure cancer," but, the cynical and well read amongst us know that curing anything isn't good for business. Few people know about the work of an Italian inventor by the name of...

Nimrod - A Mighty Hunter or Nephilim

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One character who interests me is Nimrod. Nimrod is known or associated in some capacity with the Epic of Gilgamesh, Mars, Marduk, Osirus and Baal. He is the great-grandson of Noah, grandson of Ham, son of Cush, born about 95 years post-flood. Known as the first on earth to be a mighty hunter...

Leonardo da Vinci: inventor or inheritor?

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Last night, my brain decided to amuse itself with the question, "How many resets have there been?" Just when I wanted to go to sleep. And I thought that perhaps the previous resets could be tracked by the appearance of technology that was out of place for its time, and this led me to wonder...

Sir Isaac Newton - from Farm Hand to Genius

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Professors and Scientists travel from all over the world to go into Newton’s study (Bedroom) and many have cried when entering. Others have arrived only to spend the whole day until closing time sat under Newton’s tree, even though it is not newton’s tree…

My thoughts on Chronology 1 by Anatoliy Fomenko

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It's not 2018. If we're to go by the nativity of Jesus, then it's not even 1000ad yet. That's crazy. But I'm most mad because in order to make Scaligerian chronology to fit, they pushed many symbols and ideas back in time, removing to coincidence any similarities that otherwise seem so obvious...

Ottoman-Era Architecture Photographs Plus

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Open Culture posted an article today in regards to a new collection of 3500+ photographs of the Ottoman Empire available to view and download at the Getty Research Institute. Many are from the latter half of the 1800s and feature buildings and architecture.

Gog and Magog in northeastern Tartaria

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What if the god of the old testament is not who we thought he was and in fact is the opposite? What if "he" made promises to a certain people to do his bidding and they have been every since? And when a certain time has passed (a thousand years), the "good guy" will be freed to banish the bad...

Dotaku (Ritual Bronze Bells from Japan) as unknown technology

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Historians seem to be pretty sure those things were bells. But there's a problem. They were never found in cities, but in remote regions, and often crowded together, with dozens buried in the ground. Historians wouldn't be historians if they didn't come up with a solid explanation: People...

The Great Seal of the State of California: Horned Creature and the War Goddess

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What does the United States have to do with the Ancient Roman Empire? Allegedly there should be 2,000 years of time difference between the two. Today we do not see any new statues honoring Ancient Roman Gods being erected, than why were they so infatuated with the Ancient Rome 150 years ago? Why?

Tektōn, or why Jesus was most likely a Mason

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Тhis post does not intend to prove or disprove the validity of a live, historical Jesus. This post is agnostic in the sense that this information is applicable regardless of Jesus being a real person, an allegory, or a bastardized depiction of a pagan sun god. I say this to avoid this thread...

Circular lakes: evidence of the War of Gods?

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Circular lakes sure do look cool, and are normally considered to be admirable creations of nature. Along with circular lakes there are smaller lakes with imperfect round shape. We are provided with multiple reasons for the existence of the said lakes. Those normally are: meteorite craters...

What caused the global cataclysm? Part two.

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People from all cultures on earth have recorded just such traumatic events. Happening not just once, but several time. These reoccurring cataclysms were commonly known as Ages or Suns by these people. The term Sun being commonly used as, once the earth reestablished some consistent rhythm, the...

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