St. Elmo's Fire

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After being a member of this great community for a quite a while now, one mystery that always intrigued me, are the many antenna's, spires, domes, poles (always without flags) that can be seen on top of churches, minarets, temples, mansions, palaces, cathedrals, mosques, city halls, post...

Vikings and clues of Tartaria?

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I read some amazing posts about a connection between Scotland, Scythia/Tartaria and Scandinavia, and thought I'd share some info. Was Tartaria a global empire, whose history has been almost but erased? Speculation: It seems plausible to me that this global empire was interconnected through...

Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire

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The roof of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral collapsed as a massive fire ripped through the structure on Monday, days before Easter. Firefighters at the scene say all efforts are being directed towards saving the artwork stored at the back of the cathedral, which had been undergoing renovations and...

Saltair: Mormon Bathing Pavilion or Something Else?

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First opened in 1893, Saltair was a desert oasis situated on the south shore of Utah’s Great Salt Lake. The Mormon Church originally commissioned the site in the hope of creating a wholesome “Coney Island of the West” without the perceived sleaziness of the New York original. Their...

Is Genesis History?

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I am currently watching this documentary to aid my research in to posibilities of our history. In the opening sequence, Del Tacket explains how the ground he is standing on (Hills, streams, lakes, gorges, plants and wildlife) was completely different as recently as 1980. He says it was a huge...

The Jesus of the Gospels

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I've noticed that Jesus at times is depicted as a rebellious protestant in the canonical gospels. If the mainstream view is to be trusted and the Gospels are ancient, it means the Catholic church basically showed little to no awareness of this side of Jesus for over a thousand years or...

Border Monuments of the United States

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Fifty-two boundary monuments were erected between 1849 and 1857 along the U.S - Mexico border. Of these monuments, most were simple stone mounds built without mortar, while seven were constructed with more substantial materials of marble or cast iron. Over time, the occasional destruction of...

Uncle Sam & Brother Jonathan

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Brother Jonathan was usually depicted in editorial cartoons and patriotic posters outside New England as a long-winded New Englander who dressed in striped trousers, somber black coat, and stove-pipe hat. Inside New England, "Brother Jonathan" was depicted as an enterprising and active...

Emperors of the USA: Norton I, and Aaron I

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Norton had no formal political power; nevertheless, he was treated deferentially in San Francisco, and currency issued in his name was honored in the establishments that he frequented. Some considered him insane or eccentric, but citizens of San Francisco celebrated his imperial presence and his...

1862 vs. 1893: similar street cars 30 years apart? Electric or not?

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The horse-drawn tram (horsecar) was an early form of public rail transport that developed out of industrial haulage routes that had long been in existence, and from the omnibus routes that first ran on public streets in the 1820s, using the newly improved iron or steel rail or 'tramway'.

Reset: Catacombs of Paris, Mud Flood Victims and Unidentified Dead

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It appears that we do not have any cemeteries out there to account for the dead as they relate to various historical time frames. Sure we could go with cremations, and some other modes of riddance of the dead bodies. At the same time we pay the due respect to our dead, and we have places to show...

Shea's Teck Theatre: Buffalo, NY

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The Teck Theatre was built on the site of the great 1883 Greman Saengerhalle (a concert venue which was destroyed by fire in 1885). The Music Hall opened on October 18, 1887 and later was completely remodeled into Shea's Teck Theater in 1900, with a seating capacity in two separate halls of...

International Electrical Exhibitions

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In the 1880's, we were still trying to figure out standardization in the electrical industry and the old direct current or alternating currents. So TPTB decided they needed to have Exhibitions and Congresses to standardize everything and show off their new-fangled electrical devices Some of...

The Texas Rockwall

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It's said to be somewhere around 85 millions years old, maybe even older. We are meant to believe it's some sort geological wonder. A row of hard mineral stones that appear to be stacked, long and narrow, forming what gives the impression of a “rock wall.” Sparking debate for over 160 years, the...

New York, Development or Apocalypse?

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After blasting out rocky ridges with more gunpowder than was used at the Battle of Gettysburg, workers moved 3 million cubic yards of soil and planted more than 270,000 trees and shrubs. In the end, it cost more to build Central Park than it did to purchase Alaska, so why wasn’t there enough...

Tunnels under Alcatraz

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The official story doesn't sit right with me. Was there really a possibilty of a war breaking out amongst Union supporters and Confederate supporters? I mean, how long did it take to get news about the war all the way to California? And how was a military installation on an island off of the...

Welcome to the Bosnian valley of the Pyramids, the biggest in the world!

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As well as being aligned with the four cardinal points, the Pyramidal structures of Visoko also share alignments that are relative to each other. The first and most striking of the structural alignments present is the near perfect equilateral triangle formed between the peaks of the Sun, Moon...

Library of Congress: Part I

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History is being rewritten. Like-minded people like ourselves, have seen and heard numerous examples of institutions like the Smithsonian hiding and losing archaeological finds. They also intimidate anyone that steps outside the conventional narrative. The entertainment fields are controlled by...

New chronology, are we living in the year 940 AD?

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In this thread I will try to connect the dots and present to you a conclusion of an interesting investigation based on "stolen years" theory. Overall search for clues and evidences confirmed me that fabrication of historical years and events was not linear with the clean whole numbers (E.g...

The Crescent Hotel, 1886: Eureka Springs, AR

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I've been to a lot of places in the US, and Eureka Springs is up there with the most memorable city I've ever visited (Savannah, GA is a close second). It is a sleepy town near the border of Missouri basically built right up alongside the Ozark Mountains. The entire city more or less is listed...

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