1886 Meigs Elevated Railway: 227 feet of BS

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The Meigs Elevated Railway was an experimental steam-powered monorail invented by Josiah V. Meigs of Lowell, Massachusetts. He wrote an extensive explanation of how the railway worked, complete with diagrams and statistics, which was published in 1887. The weight of the train was carried on a 22...

1876: Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia

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More than 200 buildings were constructed within the Exposition's grounds, which were surrounded by a fence nearly three miles long. There were five main buildings in the exhibition. They were the Main Exhibition Building, Memorial Hall, Machinery Hall, Agricultural Hall, and Horticultural Hall...

Battlefield America

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I called this thread a "Battlefield America", because after all the photographs I've seen, and bogus stories I've read, this is the impression I get. Yet, the entire issue is being downplayed beyond belief. The issue does not stop with the United States. The reason I did not include any other...

The Cataclysm Event That Changed Africa Forever

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I propose the Pigafetta family has the key to understanding the cataclysm that disconnected Europe from the Americas and Africa until they were slowly rediscovered. Antonio Pigafetta, a man who survived the circumnavigation of the earth with Magellan, extensively detailed his trip and made many...

Questionable Alexander the Great Narrative

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The Battle of Gaugamela, was the decisive battle of Alexander the Great's invasion of the Persian Achaemenid Empire. In 331 BC Alexander's army of the Hellenic League met the Persian army of Darius III near Gaugamela, close to the modern city of Dohuk in Iraqi Kurdistan. Though heavily...

Did Monomotapa-city become South African Pretoria-city?

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Pretoria was founded in 1855 by Marthinus Pretorius, a leader of the Voortrekkers, who named it after his father Andries Pretorius and chose a spot on the banks of the "Monkeys river" to be the new capital of the South African Republic. The elder Pretorius had become a national hero of the...

Subterranean Norway, preparation for impending doom?

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Norway has formally announced its plan to build the worlds first tunnel for ships, paving the way for a gigantic 1.7-kilometre (1 mile) passageway to be dug underneath a rocky peninsula in the country and north-west. The Stad Ship Tunnel, which is expected to cost some US$312 million to...

1929 Rospigliosi Castle in Lima: Construction

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The Rospigliosi Castle is a small castle located in Lima, Peru . It was built in 1929 by Carlos Rospigliosi Vigil. The legend says that he wanted to finish the castle just in time for the visit of the Spanish King Alfonso XIII to be able to live there. The castle never welcomed the king of...

Washington, District of Columbia, Capitolium

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The construction of the Visitor Center required excavation to a depth of 65 feet, which was 35 feet below the existing capitol foundations and within two feet of the plan area of the foundation elements. Slurry walls with tiebacks were used for the excavation support. GEI’s design included a...

Giant "Ancient" Romans, Human Engineering and the Real Slavery

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Well, I just wanted to throw this out there. May be we could generate a discussion, or something. For a while now, I have been trying to find a possible explanation for the weird infatuation with the Ancient Roman culture displayed by those who lived in the 19th century. According to the...

1885: The Great Fire of Galveston

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The flames soon spread with startling rapidity, and within a very few minutes were being blown a solid sheet of fire across Strand street, catching the frame buildings on the opposite or south side. While the fire department was very severely criticized, mainly by those opposed to the recent...

The secrets of Deadwood, South Dakota

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Something is not sitting right with me and the history of the town of Deadwood, South Dakota. I was watching this alleged documentary (below), and with every sentence the entire story line was getting more and more ridiculous. Please dedicate some time to watching the video. Pretty sure you will...

World War II: The Inconvenient Questions

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By June 1941, the Red Army of the USSR was an impressive and formidable force that could stop any army of then-Europe if it were really preparing for defense . There is a logical assumption - that the USSR was preparing not for defense, but for something completely different. What exactly? I...

van Gogh expressed a desire to be 'John the Reaper' (Jack) before Jack the Ripper struck London

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On March 23, 1885, Vincent van Gogh's father, a pastor of a church, was found dead on the doorstep of their house right after Vincent's arrival. Vincent had a short temper and would often argue with his father about his inability to do something with his life. Vincent also threatened to kill...

Australia: Nullarbor Plain

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The Nullarbor Plain is part of the area of flat, almost treeless, arid or semi-arid country of southern Australia, located on the Great Australian Bight coast with the Great Victoria Desert to its north. It is the world's largest single exposure of limestone bedrock, and occupies an area of...

1812 French Invasion of Russia vs. Logistics

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Though one of the greatest military generals of all time, Napoleon was surprisingly negligent about feeding his army. His orders for the Grande Armée's rations were ample enough: "Soup, boiled beef, a roasted joint and some vegetables; no dessert." But bad roads and poor weather often prevented...

Arcadia. The time the Earth had 360-days Year.

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There are some reports about this, that in ancient times (as per information researched around 2000-3000 years ago), what we can call "arcadia times" the time the earth's year had wasn't 365-days but 360-days. Then something happened to change to our current scheme (the sun got slower). 360-days...

Mount Nemrut: Throne of the Gods

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Mount Nemrut is an awe inspiring and enigmatic place located on one of the highest peaks of the Eastern Taurus mountain range, at an altitude of over 2,000 m above sea level, in south-east Turkey. We know this ancient place as Nemrut Dagi - the Hierotheseion (temple-tomb and house of thracese...

The Ghost Forrest of Neskowin, Oregon

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I came across this story just now, as I thought mm, 1700? Isn't that about the time we discuss for possible world wide cataclysm? Geologists believe there was once a vast forest of cedar and sitka spruce trees on this spot, about 90 miles southwest of Portland, reports The Telegraph. They likely...

Abuna Yemata Guh, Ethiopia's Chapel in the sky

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I feel that this is one of those things we are not being told the truth about, simply because nobody has a damn clue what it really is. It just makes no sense, and so historians just give it a brief description and hope we'll all buy it. Locals made up a history of their own about it, because...

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