Did they use catapults at Gettysburg during the US Civil War of 1861-65

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A catapult is a ballistic device used to launch a projectile a great distance without the aid of explosive devices - particularly various types of ancient and medieval siege engines. In use since ancient times, the catapult has proven to be one of the most effective mechanisms during warfare...

Is General Robert E. Lee dead in this 1865 photo?

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The Victorian Era was a pretty morbid time in human history. One of the most unsettling traditions of the era was the practice of post-mortem photography. Some weird things were happening around the US Civil War times (1861-1865). Is General Lee dead (or made out of wax) in the...

Abandoned 1856 Toronto almost ready for re-population...

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The City of Toronto in either late 1856 or early 1857. The last five photographs are 1865-ish. The photographs reproduced from copy negatives are some of the earliest photographic views of Toronto. The 1856 Toronto portfolio also contains 13 views taken from the top of the Rossin House Hotel at...

Hidden Hand gesture: what is its true meaning?

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Below is the traditional explanation of the so-called "masonic" gesture "hand-inside-vest". The hand-in-waistcoat, or hidden hand is a gesture commonly found in portraiture during the 18th and 19th centuries. The pose appeared by the 1750s to indicate leadership in a calm and firm...

Did the Greeks know the world was round?

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I've been thinking a lot of all the stories I took for granted growing up. One that really stuck out was that Columbus already knew the world was round, and so did everyone, because the Greeks not only thought so, they measured the entire circumference of the earth to a large degree of accuracy...

Continent of Australia does not exist... as we know it

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This is officially the most coo coo jumbo-crazy thing I have written to date. If anything, it is going to be an entertaining piece of reading for you. I am planning to question the geographical accuracy of the layout of the continent of Australia. I do understand how bananas it sounds, for I...

Is there an Alien UFO invasion false flag in the works?

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With all those California, Greece, and wherever else “natural” fires targeting cars and houses, it sure does appear that the authorities are prepping for a false flag attack by ramping up our UFO “awareness”. Especially when you consider the recent creation of the Trump’s Space Force.

Alexandria is Conveniently Under the Sea

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Now we all "know" that the library burned down and with it went the history and science of the ancient world. With this sudden amnesia (because I guess all the smart people who read and wrote these books were also killed) we were plunged into a dark age, and it was only until the Rebirth, aka...

Welcome to the Vatican Library Secret Archives... you are not!

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It is sad that the biggest source of the history of mankind could become one person's private domain. This is exactly what the Vatican Library, including its Secret Archives is. The Vatican Library is the inalienable property of the Supreme Pontiff, and it is by his sovereign will that it is...

2017 Urban fires in California. Could DEW weapons be the true cause?

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Somehow, 2017 California urban fires allegedly caused by forest fires look somewhat reminiscent of those 19th century great fires. Tesla’s Death Ray comes to mind for whatever reason. Will your town be next? It was a very selective blaze, or so it seems.

Inca Empire capital - Cusco in 1530s. Did it look European?

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Well, it is getting pretty interesting. Next in line is Cusco. It was the historic capital of the Inca Empire from the 13th until the 16th-century Spanish conquest. You see anything wrong with its appearance? Somehow quite a few different artists chose to depict Cusco in a manner, which totally...

Welcome to Tenochtitlan as it was in 1520

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Between July 1519 and September 1526, Hernando Cortés (1485-1547), the soldier and adventurer who in 1519-21 conquered for Spain what is now central and southern Mexico, sent five extended letters to Emperor Charles V in which he described his exploits and placed himself and his actions in a...

Country that the Spaniards Found in 1521, Called Yucatan

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"The first encounter with the Yucatec Maya may have occurred in 1502, when the fourth voyage of Christopher Columbus came across a large trading canoe off Honduras. In 1511, Spanish survivors of the shipwrecked caravel called Santa María de la Barca sought refuge among native groups along the...

The History of Rome has no Surviving Sources

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The Roman Empire is the model of much of our modern democracies. The lessons learned from the triumphs and disasters serve as examples and warnings to present politics. Indeed, much of our beloved literary works model their moral themes on the foibles of famous Romans.

Did Hannibal Actually Exist?

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I was poking around the darkest, dankest nooks of the internet when I happened upon this blog post. Ironically this was written as satire to exhibit how the existence of Hannibal is even harder to prove than a historical Jesus. The intended impression is meant to be Hannibal is real and so is...

Antwerp: authorities rebury our true history

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Our official archaeologists experience an orgasmic ecstasy when they find a stone arrowhead, an axe or discover an ancient fireplace. Yet, anything and everything capable of exposing the unpleasant truth gets destroyed, hidden, or dismissed as something insignificant. And we have plenty of proof...

The Phoenicians Once Ruled the World. They still do today!

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If you are like me not that long ago, you probably don't even know who the Phoenicians are. Maybe at most you've heard of them. And maybe you've even come across a few dismissive passages on them in your readings. But their impact is unquestionable, and once you start looking deep into the...

The ghost cities of China

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Amazing how one thing leads to another. Apparently, we have multiple cities in China having no population. As in, there are cities, but they are uninhabited. And this is in the 1.4 billion China. I knew of their existence (not thinking much of it) but in light of the recent "no people in...

Raising the Obelisks at Luxor temple.

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British engineer Steven Tasker proposes some very practical methods for erecting many of the structures in Egypt. His explanations focus on fulcrum lever and pulley systems. Bare in mind these methods do not explain all the engineering feats found in Egypt, simply the more recent ones. These...

Pre-1857 King's Boat in the Shape of a Fish. What kind of ship is this?

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She was a very unusual ship covered in fish-like scales possibly made of metal. Equipped with a rudder and displaying sliding doors, she allegedly belonged to the last Nawab of Awadh. It does not appear that this ship was designed to use oars, or sails. Two mermaid-like statues decorated her...

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