Alternate History of the World

The "Draughtsman-Writer" automaton by Henri Maillardet

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In November of 1928, a truck pulled up to The Franklin Institute science museum in Philadelphia and unloaded the pieces of an interesting, complex, but totally ruined brass machine. Donated by the estate of John Penn Brock, a wealthy Philadelphian, the machine was studied and the museum began to...

1891 Pterodactyl Hunt in California

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I do find some things hard to believe, for they sound way too far fetched and unrealistic. Yet, the abundance of the 19th, and early 20th century publications pertaining to recovering, killing, observing, and in some cases photographing of the supposedly extinct prehistoric beasts, at the very...

1932 Russian Steel Balls Train

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An electric train which travels on steel balls instead of wheels has been tested in Russia with remarkable success. The speedy train, which was designed by a young Soviet engineer named Yarmolshuk, resembles a giant reptile weaving about the countryside. The inventor declares his final design...

Gyro cars, trains and monowheels of the early 20th century

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Technology like the one presented in this little compilation article is not exactly hidden. As a matter of fact, the information is widely available, if you know what to look for. Early in the 20th century mechanical and engineering magazines were widely advertising these items. These gyroscopic...

Saint Christopher - what was he?

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According to the legendary account of his life Christopher was initially called Reprobus. He was a Canaanite, 5 cubits (7.5 feet (2.3 m)) tall and with a fearsome face. While serving the king of Canaan, he took it into his head to go and serve "the greatest king there was". He went to the king...

The Tide Mystery

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Tides are supposed to be influenced by the moon, right? Look at this map of tidal amplitude and tell me the moon hypothesis makes any sense. The purple areas have a tidal amplitude of zero, meaning NO TIDES. The entire Sea of Japan has almost no tides. How can this be possible?

Cone Earth Concept

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A slight modification to the flat earth map answers quite a few criticisms and inconsistencies in that cosmology, perhaps bringing us one step closer to the truth. For instance, why the polar night above a certain latitude? Quite simply, that's when the sun dips below the level of the polar...

The New World wasn't new at all! An Alternative Timeline.

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Maybe to some, but the existence and exploitation of the wooded wonderland was almost certainly known to the ancients. I've been holding on to my thoughts on this for some time but I figure I'm just going to fire it off and see what you all think. I feel like there are still connections being...

100 year old ship "Kommuna" is still in service

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As a testament to the levels of quality equipment which was mass produced in the past, I wanted to present to you this Russian submarine salvage ship Kommuna. Christened Volkhov in 1912, it was renamed in 1922 and ever since has been known as Kommuna. On November 17th, 2013...

Corsets as high technology

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I'm not a woman nor have I ever worn a corset so I am not the one to present this idea. All text will be lifted and credited to the gifted researcher, woman, and corset wearer cat_779. Sorry if some aspects of the text below is hard to discern it is a rough translation but the general premise I...

Cloning has only ever been a moral issue

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The concept of the super human is often painted as a heroic solitary figure using his powers for the good of the people. Is this the reality of such gifts? Or is it more of a curse? Or just mundane? The phenomenon of Sherpas is the creation of a special modification of the humanoid bipedal...

Swastikas in Auckland city, New Zealand.

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The topic of the Swastika and its original meaning have been brought up on this site before and I wanted to elaborate on this by sharing my own experiences. There are particular motifs and symbols embellishing buildings all over Auckland city, NZ. I've provided below a small tour of Auckland...

1908 Messina destruction: earthquake or guns?

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Once coincidences start piling up, it's time for a suspicion. In my recent thread titled "Real mission of the 1907-1909 US Great White Fleet, what was it?" I pointed out an interesting catastrophic event which occurred during the voyage of the fleet. There could be more, but I did not...

Real mission of the 1907-1909 US Great White Fleet, what was it?

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I came across this US Great White Fleet while writing an article about the fiery San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Something did not feel right about this “victory lap”, or “inspection patrol” conducted by the US Navy betwen 1907 and 1909. The Great White Fleet was the popular nickname for the...

Could Pagodas be electricity related structures?

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In electronics, porcelain (and ceramic derivatives) is widely used for insulating material due to its excellent non-conductivity. Is this where the word china comes from as an alternative to the word porcelain? Look how the ornamentations have been stripped, how the "windows" have been bricked up.

Santorini group: was created 350 years ago in 1666, not 3600 years ago in 1600 BCE

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The island of Santorini in its current shape was formed around 1666 AD, which is way different from the official 1642–1540 BC. This is, for a second, a 3200 year difference. There was never an above water eruption of some volcano mountain they call Thera. The first thing we could do is lay to...

A Brief History of the Colonization of the Planet Earth.

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I am not perfect in English but I will try to explain how our great-grandfathers explaind our history with fairy tales. I don't wanna say that Russians are first on this earth but with this post I will try to explain that we have like fairy tales from great-grandfathers - next Ancestors!

What happened between 1915 and 1930?

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I was thinking about the time frames of “before and after.” Meaning like some historical reference points outlined by certain events which could give us an idea of a time frame when things sustained the most dramatic changes. Obviously not advertised as such by our official narratives. Like...

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