Marata Regnum: Lost in Mexico

Older maps, if researched by caring historians, could produce tons of valuable information pertaining to our real history. Instead, this type of research has to be done by amateurs like ourselves. Was looking through some new maps published on RareMaps.COM, and accidentally bumped into a name I've seen before. The name is Marata. It is a city/kingdom located to the east of the Baja California Peninsula.
1606 map Marata.jpg

As you can see, it is located not that far from Totonteac - a place we covered before. This general area has a few dedicated threads on this SH blog:
In my opinion, places like this Marata, are remnants of the prior civilization, or of the prior spin of our civilization. To be honest, I start thinking that our civilization today - I am not sure how to word it - but I think we could be the descendants of some parasites who took over the area we call Earth.


1926 Source


1636 Source

It appears that Marata was more of a kingdom-like country, or something like that. It sure looks to be larger than a single city. There are plenty of maps showing the area and mentioning Marata. In some cases it is called Marata Regnum.


What year: J68, 1688 or 1742?





My Understanding
As far as California islands and peninsulas go, here is what I see in the maps. At first we had a peninsula. Then, at some point close to 1650s, something happened and the peninsula became detached. It probably stayed detached for 50-100 years. The durations we can attribute to island-peninsula-island transformations are obscured due to the regular chronological issues we have. That is my personal opinion of course.


IMHO, with the help of characters (or pseudo characters, or pseudo achievements assigned to real people) like Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, the PTB was able to dismiss any idea of places like our Marata Regnum being real.



As a matter of fact, Coronado, single-handedly was able to place Quivira Regnum in Kansas, reduced the seven cities of Cibola to the size of mere villages and played a secondary role in the so-called discovery of the Grand Canyon. Personally, I question everything and anything related to this Coronado dude.

Other Marat(h)as
This here is a totally different issue. How many countries named "Marata" do you know today? My knowledge revolves around the word "none." Could it be that 500 years ago the lack of imagination, or synchronicity were so prevalent? Or could it be that "Marata" was something the PTB decided to omit from our history books? How many of those Maratas could they have simultaneously in this world at the same time?
  • Well, at least two. The other one was in India.
Maratha Empire
The Maratha Empire or the Maratha Confederacy was a power that dominated a large portion of the Indian subcontinent in the 18th century. The empire formally existed from 1674 with the coronation of Shivaji as the Chhatrapati and ended in 1818 with the defeat of Peshwa Bajirao II at the hands of the British East India Company. The Marathas are credited to a large extent for ending Mughal rule over most of the Indian subcontinent.
maratha empire.jpg

I also find it interesting that back in the day, this Indian Empire was not called Maratha. They mentioned it as Marata. Where did the "h" come from? This is a rhetorical question, for I'm sure there is a convenient explanation out there.



Now What?
I am not sure what can be done with this information, at the same time it looks like there are a few places in this world the PTB wants to erase from history. Down this drain went our Norumbegas, Arcadias, Totonteacs, Quiviras, Anias, Fou-sangs and many others including the Marata Kingdom.
  • At least we appear to know the general area our Marata used to occupy.
  • Below is a snippet of this 1777 map. There is no Marata Kingdom, but there are a few other places.

And this here is the same area today in 2020. What was wrong with the older names? I'm pretty sure that some of the above still exist, but it still does not look right to me. Are they saying that none of the places in the map above became big enough to be reflected on the map below?


Meanwhile in 1823 the same area has the following towns and cities. One of the main cities appears to be called PITIO, but it is probably PITIC, aka:
  • On September 5, 1828, by decree no. 77 of the H. Legislature of the State of the West, the name Villa del Pitic was deleted and the name of the City of Hermosillo was imposed, in honor of the general Jalisco-jalisciense José María González de Hermosillo who in the late 1810 had carried the task of the national insurrection to lands Sinaloa-Sinaloenses, then part of the Western State as well.
  • Hermosillo - Wikipedia
1823 - Pitio.jpg

May be there is a reason why the east coast of North America started to show proper signs of life only around 1850s. And may be there is a reason how they could build cities like San Francisco in no time.
  • And by the way, what do you think these places are, or rather what are they called today?
  • And what do you think these stars are, and could we have star forts somewhere in that area?


Sonora Ruins
Sounds like they have quite a few ruins in the Sonora area. If you have a photograph of the pyramid they are talking about in this 1883 article, please share some pictures.
  • These ruins sound like a big deal. Where are they at, and what do we call them today?
  • Are they talking about the pyramid hill of Trincheras?

Judging by the above description, in addition to pyramids there is a city/town similar to Derinkuyu in Turkey. Could be this hill, but I'm not sure. Here is a different article talking about the same thing.

Four leagues southeast from Magdalena, or 60 miles southeast from Madeline, it still can't be this Trincheras area, me thinks. Unless they referenced a different Magdalena.
  • The place they are talking in the article should be somewhere in the vicinity of this white line going southeast from Magdalena.

Could it be that today's Santa Elena Silver-Gold Mine was located where that pyramid, and the mountain with hundreds of rooms once stood?


Adding the general area to the mix. It's not that far from Hermosillo, and appears to be within the Marata Regnum area.


KD: I guess this is another one of those threads where I try to influence people to start paying attention to the areas they live at. I think I live either in Fou-sang or in the Quivira Regnum, or in both at the same time. IMHO, this approach allows for a totally different way of seeing things like tunnels, older architecture and other such things.
  • There are people who live in this Marata Regnum area, and there have to be some out of place and time objects there. If you live there, please share such objects with us.
And of course, please feel free to contribute to this article with your own research.

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