Robocops, Automatons, and Mechanized War Chariots of the Ancient World

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They are immune to heat and cold, untouched by the elements, and can fly, mounting upward with a fluttering motion. They dwell apart from the chaotic world of man, subsist on air and dew, are not anxious like ordinary people, and have the smooth skin and innocent faces of children. The...

The Next Reset

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If the goal (written in stone) is to 'maintain humanity under 500 million" then why bother letting us know we're all gonna die? Could it be that there are some who possess original ancient documents of survivors of previous cataclysms which depict how difficult it will be to even have 500...

1780: A Day of Darkness

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Such an unusual, thick darkness ignited religious fears and people huddled with lit candles in churches fearing the day of judgment was upon them. Nature, too, shared the fear and confusion and animals responded accordingly. The occurrence brought intense alarm and distress to multitudes of...

Cynocephali: The Dog-Headed Men

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As bizarre and fantastical as it sounds to our modern ears, there is a long history of recorded accounts of a race of creatures known as the dog-headed men. Everyone is probably familiar with the Egyptian depiction of Anubis, the jackal or dog-headed deity. Anubis is a Greek translation of the...

Who Was Junius?

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The seditious writers, knowing the penalty for their actions, wrote under assumed names: Atticus, Lucius, and most notoriously, Junius as well as others. These 3 argued amongst themselves as much as they warned of doomsday predictions should the situation not be speedily ameliorated. King George...

The Calendar Conundrum

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The Julian calendar, proposed (allegedly) and instituted by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C. was a reform of the old Roman Calendar based on a 10 month (March-December) calendar year started at the time of the Roman Empire founder, King Romulus (whenever THAT was). The mean calendar year equals 365...

Creatures Depicted in Ancient Art

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KD mentioned mythological artwork from the 15th century compared to "realism" of 16th century art so, of course, I had to check it out. What I found was mostly religiously themed artworks but some of the paintings were beyond bizarre. A 15th century selection for your viewing enjoyment follows.

Smithsonian: Suppressed Archaeological Finds

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James Smithson, an ENGLISH scientist bequeathed today's equivalent of half a million dollars in 1829 to the U.S. "for the advancement and diffusion of knowledge." Congress, as is their custom, promptly invested in some bad financial deals in Arkansas (of all places) and lost the whole wad. John...

Why is China not centuries ahead of the world in technology?

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According to official sources, China has been hundreds of years ahead of the rest of the world in just about every field of civilization building-medicine, weapons of warfare, technological inventions, manufacturing processes, structural engineering, and so on. So how is it that China hasn't...

The Grand Canal of China

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The Grand Canal, divided into 7 sections, was built in the 5th century B.C. although an earlier section of the canal, the old shenzin canal was around in 771-476 B.C. Ignoring the Shenzin canal, the Grand Canal is listed as the oldest canal (artificial river) in the world. It is 1,115 ft long...

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