National Geographic: "Debunking" of Flat Earth, I couldn't help but notice something...

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I want to state that I don't personally believe in the Flat Earth hypothesis. That said, I thought this video was shameful and quite transparent in it's smear campaign to shut the Flat Earthers up. They didn't once actually exhibit one of their arguments. Then, their big proof of the curvature...

My thoughts on Chronology 1 by Anatoliy Fomenko

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It's not 2018. If we're to go by the nativity of Jesus, then it's not even 1000ad yet. That's crazy. But I'm most mad because in order to make Scaligerian chronology to fit, they pushed many symbols and ideas back in time, removing to coincidence any similarities that otherwise seem so obvious...

Call to action! Can we actually do something about this?

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This is a very special place where relatively like minded people have banded together to expose and explore the absurdity of the historical narrative. I think it's abundantly clear that there's more than just wild ideas here, I think we're really on the cusp. For example, Grand Tartaria. I don't...

The Sun is a Black Hole

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The above theory requires acceptance of "the standard model" of space physics. I think it's fine that many of you question the validity of it, and even question the shape of the Earth. This theory will NOT jive with that. But please don't just say "this is fake because the earth is flat".

The New World wasn't new at all! An Alternative Timeline.

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Maybe to some, but the existence and exploitation of the wooded wonderland was almost certainly known to the ancients. I've been holding on to my thoughts on this for some time but I figure I'm just going to fire it off and see what you all think. I feel like there are still connections being...

Could our Ancient History merely be Christian Revisionism?

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Something strange happened in the middle ages, there's no doubt. The Muslim invasions both destroyed and 'preserved' precious copies of ancient manuscripts from the land before time. Why the hell did the Church not give a damn about preserving documents? Maybe they had a couple monks back then...

Did the Greeks know the world was round?

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I've been thinking a lot of all the stories I took for granted growing up. One that really stuck out was that Columbus already knew the world was round, and so did everyone, because the Greeks not only thought so, they measured the entire circumference of the earth to a large degree of accuracy...

Alexandria is Conveniently Under the Sea

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Now we all "know" that the library burned down and with it went the history and science of the ancient world. With this sudden amnesia (because I guess all the smart people who read and wrote these books were also killed) we were plunged into a dark age, and it was only until the Rebirth, aka...

The History of Rome has no Surviving Sources

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The Roman Empire is the model of much of our modern democracies. The lessons learned from the triumphs and disasters serve as examples and warnings to present politics. Indeed, much of our beloved literary works model their moral themes on the foibles of famous Romans.

Did Hannibal Actually Exist?

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I was poking around the darkest, dankest nooks of the internet when I happened upon this blog post. Ironically this was written as satire to exhibit how the existence of Hannibal is even harder to prove than a historical Jesus. The intended impression is meant to be Hannibal is real and so is...

The Phoenicians Once Ruled the World. They still do today!

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If you are like me not that long ago, you probably don't even know who the Phoenicians are. Maybe at most you've heard of them. And maybe you've even come across a few dismissive passages on them in your readings. But their impact is unquestionable, and once you start looking deep into the...

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