Norwich Cathedral, England.

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For myself growing up, I could appreciate the magnificence of the great Pyramids. Sadly though, they weren't anything more than curiosity. What I was missing was context. The great deception these enemies of humanity contrive is to strip stuff of its context. Finding an old tea pot in your grand...

What caused the global cataclysm? Part two.

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People from all cultures on earth have recorded just such traumatic events. Happening not just once, but several time. These reoccurring cataclysms were commonly known as Ages or Suns by these people. The term Sun being commonly used as, once the earth reestablished some consistent rhythm, the...

What caused the global cataclysm? Part one.

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We know there was some type of cataclysm in the past but what was it, what did it look like and how did it happen? We have hundreds of examples of sunken cities so this cataclysm involved a whole lot of water. We can also deduce from the restoration of ancient sites by the "before people" that...

Eleanor Coade: 19th century owner of a Geo-polymer recipe.

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Eleanor Coade was a British businesswoman known for manufacturing Neoclassical statues, architectural decorations and garden ornaments made of Lithodipyra or Coade stone for over 50 years from 1769 until her death. She should not be confused or conflated with her mother, also named Eleanor.

Are humans the result of genetic engineering?

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Where do we come from? What is the meaning of life? Big questions require big brains to solve them. Are we the latest iteration in a long evolutionary chain or perhaps we are the result of genetic engineering within deep antiquity? Okay, so the premise to this is pretty straight forward. I...

Bodhidharma: The blue eyed Devil

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There are particular legends pasted down to us from history, legends that speak of a time of darkness. It is said that a great flood had consumed the world. All but the loftiest of places were swallowed up by the waters and that only but a few pockets of humanity survived this great calamity. In...

Swastikas in Auckland city, New Zealand.

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The topic of the Swastika and its original meaning have been brought up on this site before and I wanted to elaborate on this by sharing my own experiences. There are particular motifs and symbols embellishing buildings all over Auckland city, NZ. I've provided below a small tour of Auckland...

Raising the Obelisks at Luxor temple.

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British engineer Steven Tasker proposes some very practical methods for erecting many of the structures in Egypt. His explanations focus on fulcrum lever and pulley systems. Bare in mind these methods do not explain all the engineering feats found in Egypt, simply the more recent ones. These...

Japanese legend of Utsuro bune. The hollow boat and the mysterious girl.

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Utsuro-bune (hollow ship), also Utsuro-fune, and Urobune, refers to an unknown object that allegedly washed ashore in 1803 in Hitachi province on the eastern coast of Japan. When defining Utsuro-bune, the bune part means "boat" while Utsuro means empty, or hollow. Accounts of the tale appear in...

Who was St. George the dragon slayer?

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Everybody has heard of St. George but no one really knows who he was. Here is what we do know. The legend of Saint George and the Dragon describes the saint taming and slaying a dragon that demanded human sacrifices; the saint thereby rescues the princess chosen as the next offering. As a highly...

Europe's Greek Architecture Revival: An architecture crash course.

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There is some debate among revisionist historians as to when many of the great classical buildings of Europe were built. The official timeline is rather straight forward. A large portion of classical buildings were built by say the Romans, Greeks or Byzantines (Romans with a different name.). We...

The Tricolour: This flag is not your friend.

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Why is it that so many nation flags share the red, white and blue colour scheme? Whether its modern cold war enemies like Russian and the United States or the classic rivals France and the United Kingdom we find these reoccurring colours. It doesn't just stop with these major players. The red...

"If I were Lord of Tartary." A poem by Walter De La Mare, is there a Shriner connection?

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As the regular reader of this site will already know, many of the articles published on StolenHistory.ORG focus on the curious pre-existence of a now momentarily forgotten country known as Tartary. For those whom are new here and/or may not know, some time in the recent past, perhaps as recently...

Mount Meru. Is there a magnetic mountain at the North pole?

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The north pole as we know it today is a barren place, wind swept ice fields and the occasional polar bear. The concept of "North" has been an integral part of man's expansion and journeys through out history. Navigation is made much more possible when one can reference a fixed point. With the...

Corsini family collection

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I recently traveled to the city of Perth in Western Australia. The Art Gallery WA is currently hosting the Corsini collection, a selection of renaissance paintings belonging to the Corsini family of Florence Italy. This is the first time this collection has been seen outside of Italy and as a...

The "Pretenders". Royal imposters of the 1600's.

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There are several components to a successful heist. First you need a mark, in this case its the entirety of humanity, 'us'. Then your gonna need a plan, "the Job" the bigger the better, the complete hijacking of recorded history! Then theres the crew. Youre gonna need a fixer, this guys gonna...

Are Cheetahs the result of ancient genetic engineering?

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Cheetahs are great, the Saudis love them. They look nice and they're great with kids. You can have all the status that comes with owning a big cat but without having to worry about them ripping your face off. Why is this so? Could it be that someone in our past has been playing GOD?

Bes and the forgotten religion of the Dwarf god

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"This is a general law of the universe, overlooked by science, that out of complexity emerges greater complexity. We could almost say that the universe, nature, is a novelty-conserving, or complexity-conserving engine.” - Terence McKenna The captivating philosopher...

1904: the destruction of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in Saint Louis

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The Louisiana Purchase was the acquisition of the Louisiana territory by the United States from France in 1803. The U.S. paid fifty million francs and a cancellation of debts worth eighteen million francs for a total of sixty-eight million francs. The Louisiana territory included land from...

1893: the destruction of the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago

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The World's Columbian Exposition was a world's fair held in Chicago in 1893 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the New World in 1492. Not to be confused with the "A Century of Progress International Exposition" 30 years later also known as the...

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