World War II: The Inconvenient Questions

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By June 1941, the Red Army of the USSR was an impressive and formidable force that could stop any army of then-Europe if it were really preparing for defense . There is a logical assumption - that the USSR was preparing not for defense, but for something completely different. What exactly? I...

Trump family crest

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I was inspired by the recent Lincoln posts to look for presidential crests. Turns out the Lincoln family doesn't have one... which is odd because even my family has one. But that's hardly the point of this small post. What do we make of Trumps various crests? What do you guys think? Is it just a...

Necklace made from dried leaves is 3,342 years old. Where is the logic?

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Do we have any physicists in the house? Anyone want to take an educated guess as to how long dried leaves will last before the crumble into dust? I asked a physics forum one time with no success and the history forums will just talk about mysterious oils that some how preserve leaves for eternity.

Grand Unified Architectural Style: Antique Africa

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I was first introduced to this idea maybe 3 years ago by the wonderful Silvia Ivanowa of new earth fame. She kept saying stuff like 'one single architectural style on every continent' but she never really had the images to back it up. Right before watching her show I had just purchased magicians...

Jesuitenberg: Why Are There Underground Jesuit Caves in Europe Filled with Egyptian and Islamic Art?

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It's said that the Jesuits are the military wing of the catholic church a veritable holy army if you will. What sort of activity would these forces engage in? Fabrication? Falsification? Forgery? Espionage? The "unofficial" oath is particularly spine tingling, search for it yourself as it's...

Impossible Vorontsov Palace, Crimea

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I remembered this place while looking at world maps trying to gain an understanding on the devolution of the label Tartaria. How in the 16th-17th century we see the label Grand Tartaria sometimes Tataria which later seems to split into 3 or four different regions Russian Tartaria - Chinese...

Corsets as high technology

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I'm not a woman nor have I ever worn a corset so I am not the one to present this idea. All text will be lifted and credited to the gifted researcher, woman, and corset wearer cat_779. Sorry if some aspects of the text below is hard to discern it is a rough translation but the general premise I...

Cloning has only ever been a moral issue

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The concept of the super human is often painted as a heroic solitary figure using his powers for the good of the people. Is this the reality of such gifts? Or is it more of a curse? Or just mundane? The phenomenon of Sherpas is the creation of a special modification of the humanoid bipedal...

Could Pagodas be electricity related structures?

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In electronics, porcelain (and ceramic derivatives) is widely used for insulating material due to its excellent non-conductivity. Is this where the word china comes from as an alternative to the word porcelain? Look how the ornamentations have been stripped, how the "windows" have been bricked up.

Blackened older buildings. Why?

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Most are understandably too stunned by the anomalous accumulation of soil and the buried first floors to recognize that something else is strange about these buildings. Especially in light of all the antique technology we have uncovered so far. No longer does the explanation of burning coal and...

Bio Robots walk among us?

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This got me thinking about the unexplained phenomenon of spontaneous combustion. Could this just be malfunctioning bio robots? Maybe not, who knows? Cast a wide net right? This is a bit of a small pre curser to another post to come about clones. The clip below is exceptionally disturbing and is...

Not Mud-flood but Dust Storms

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I think the term mud flood is restricting our ability to see the reality of this hidden recent cataclysm. The idea of a mud flood just does not fit with what we actually observe. Flowing mud of a catastrophic kind would devastate any structure in its path not simply bury them. What we actually...

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